1985 Yamaha IT 200

Photos: 9
Member: ljsmith
From: United States

Photos: 6
Member: coza77
From: launceston Australia

Photos: 1
Member: principalsprinciples
From: United States

Photos: 5
Member: kwild
From: So. Cal United States

Photos: 9
Member: killtom
From: Fair Lawn United States

Photos: 4
Member: adamsxr
From: Cedar United States

Photos: 1
Member: bartman87
From: kingston Canada

Photos: 1
Member: waterken
From: La Grande United States

Photos: 3
Member: wiz570
From: new market United States
Info: good trail bike its apart right now
Photos: 38
Member: yzinger250
From: Ottawa Canada
Info: /agree
Its acually an ´84 but this site wont let me have the same model on so w/e. James´ again, loves it, 37 hp.
Photos: 8
Member: painfulbliss
From: Langley Canada

Photos: 4
Member: philtaylor
From: dunedin New Zealand
Info: this is my IT200 before and after i have fully rebuilt the bottom end and top end has a big bore in it and is bored out to a 225 and ports have been ported and polished and head shaved and all so have...
Photos: 3
Member: whattheuon
From: bisbane Australia
Info: its been bored .040 over, its been ported and polished (5 gallons of gas in 5 hours) very fast.  lets just say this i out ran a 2001 YZ250 on it.  its up in your face bout every gear.  and roost good ...
Photos: 1
Member: kmh91188
From: United States
Info: Shauns bike, been sorta a pain for him keeps putting money into it and more things keep going wrong, but now finally we have got it running great!
Photos: 32
Member: jbusser
From: Langley Canada

Photos: 12
Member: robakka
From: Launceston Australia

Photos: 10
Member: pezteam
From: France
Info: Yamaha 1985 IT200N rare Two-Stroke Competition Enduro Racer...

Photos: 7
Member: ghostrdr
From: United States
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