1997 Yamaha TRX 850
Info: This was a bit of a rebound bike after the ZZR. I was fed up with riding something sensible and instead bought something that I just plain wanted. Probably the most focused sports bike I will ever own...
Photos: 2
Member: beechbone
From: Southampton United Kingdom

Photos: 2
Member: homerb
From: Central Coast Australia

Photos: 7
Member: hujeros
From: Brno Czech Republic

Photos: 2
Member: sukizilla
From: Thailand

Photos: 2
Member: johnboy1212
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 4
Member: punti
From: Tampere Finland

Photos: 5
Member: lnk
From: France

Photos: 8
Member: kelt369
From: helchteren Belgium

Photos: 8
Member: paxxal
From: Nijmegen Netherlands

Photos: 11
Member: pero69
From: Falkenberg Sweden
Info: La TRX buscar fotos
Photos: 1
Member: jaky
From: Madrid Spain

Photos: 2
Member: globtdm
From: Olsztyn Poland
Info: it's a nice bike
Photos: 2
Member: eedee
From: heemskerk Netherlands

Photos: 1
Member: krisuk
From: Helsinki Finland

Photos: 12
Member: whosthedaddy
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: 2hjul
From: Borlänge Sweden

Photos: 2
Member: otbc
From: Germany

Photos: 10
Member: djgrumpy
From: Burton on Trent United Kingdom

Photos: 13
Member: punica78
From: Antwerpen Belgium

Photos: 3
Member: halanzyfranck
From: Halanzy Belgium

Photos: 2
Member: thundertwin
From: brugge Belgium

Photos: 12
Member: ozman2u
From: Rockhampton Australia
Info: Not my bike - I just took the photos of it at Brisbane´s ´Lakeside Raceway´.
Photos: 3
Member: alixta
From: Brisbane Australia
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