1973 Yamaha TX 750
Info: Paintwork ready for the gold TX750 rebuild.
[151] 2304x1728 / barryemba1
Auckland New Zealand
Info: The RT2 360 was Yamahas 2nd model. The 1st was the black RT1. The RT2 had a reed valve and an extra 3hp. I mostly used it on the road. Bought for $1069nz. It had a de compression lever on the head, an...
[420] 2208x2688 / awa355
New Zealand
Info: These photos were quite small at the time, hence two together. The saddle bags could hold 2 dozen beer cans. My mate would ride pillon and be able to reach into the bags and hand me a beer. ( no full ...
[310] 2144x2256 / awa355
New Zealand
Info: I bought this XS2 650 July 1972. $1680nz. The earlier model was the XS1 green only in NZ. The 1st Jap bike that sounded like a british beast. Traded it in on the TX750.
[881] 1808x1824 / awa355
New Zealand
Info: Bought Jan 1973 $1890NZ. Absolutly rubbished by 'experts' most of whom have never seen, let alone owned or ridden one. The smoothness, the low down grunt are two aspects that have stayed with me all m...
[740] 1840x2384 / awa355
New Zealand
Info: This is the "Before" photo.
[1152] 670x486 / barryemba1
Auckland New Zealand
Info: brother and sister
[1774] 1792x1184 / johannes55
Winkel Netherlands

[2545] 800x600 / t500
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