1992 Yamaha TZR 125
Info: This is my ideal track bike. A full power 125, somewhere over 30hp is my aim. The bike is reassembled now, having arrived in pieces in a box! Color scheme and fairings are still undecided, and it will...
Photos: 8
Member: nealefoulds
From: Dublin Ireland

Photos: 1
Member: kurikristjan
From: Põltsamaa Estonia

Photos: 3
Member: tonymachine
From: almirante brown Argentina

Photos: 12
Member: nile
From: Vranje Yugoslavia

Photos: 19
Member: pitbull1912
From: Plovdiv Bulgaria

Photos: 44
Member: mzwierzu
From: Chełm Poland

Photos: 14
Member: mikeyisawesome
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 11
Member: electronic90
From: Ljubljana Slovenia

Photos: 4
Member: fstbks
From: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Photos: 9
Member: rolling_peace
From: Surrey United Kingdom

Photos: 2
Member: adel1n87
From: mangalia Romania
Info: RIP @ 27k miles...
Photos: 18
Member: ukdt
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: andrew87
From: peterlee United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: janadao
From: Lisboa Portugal
Info: d o w n g r a d e    :|
Photos: 2
Member: hacklikethis
From: Guildford ways. United Kingdom

Photos: 22
Member: barteko
From: wawa Poland

Photos: 1
Member: stamatis
From: Greece
Info: This is how mine looked when I picked it up !

And how it looks now, still a fair bit to do
Photos: 8
Member: kregtzr
From: United Kingdom
Info: uradio sam masinu  sad ide oko 160 km/h zara je.
Yamaha tzr 2rj from CH model 88 but 92 made 25hp max160km/h fr 90/90-16 hr 130/70-18 and more special pards
Photos: 60
Member: adnan
From: tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photos: 1
Member: waalsteeni
From: Taivassalo Finland
Info: kiire
Photos: 2
Member: kurisoo
From: Estonia

Photos: 1
Member: thetrickster
From: Middlesex United Kingdom

Photos: 8
Member: jgray23
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: dorex
From: Santadi Italy
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