1981 Yamaha XS 250

Photos: 1
Member: binexxy
From: Accra Ghana

Photos: 1
Member: coop65
From: Australia

Photos: 1
Member: mkoch
From: Poland

Photos: 2
Member: dadeo1
From: whangarei New Zealand
Info: This is my XS250 ´Midnight Special´.
Photos: 2
Member: thosotan
From: Osaka Japan

Photos: 1
Member: ausgixxerpilot
From: Perth Australia

Photos: 8
Member: mike63
From: Switzerland

Photos: 2
Member: winderfox
From: Weifang China

Photos: 3
Member: poulseniam
From: Øster.tørslev Denmark
Info: Though the bike was a bit battered i used it for commuting, until a guy in a 2 week old car did a u turn in front of me !
Thankfully the XS was very slow or i would have been hurt !!!

Now in a scr...
Photos: 1
Member: chimpmaster
From: United Kingdom
Info: This is Japanese version, SOHC
Photos: 1
Member: romcio
From: Lublin Poland

Photos: 5
Member: elfreako
From: London United Kingdom
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