1983 Yamaha XS 400

Photos: 1
Member: imjertan
From: Požega Croatia (Hrvatska)

Photos: 20
Member: vtx13
From: Lithuania

Photos: 3
Member: oregondude49
From: Eugene United States
Info: Really fast lil' bike for me and for those days, and easy to maintain. I bought it 2nd hand in good condition, used it daily for commuting and some months of courier job. It had a funny electrical fau...
Photos: 2
Member: menyovolante
From: Spain

Photos: 1
Member: lordbyron
From: Ottawa Canada

Photos: 2
Member: littlered
From: liverpool United States

Photos: 1
Member: 83yamxs
From: Riverview Canada

Photos: 1
Member: gixerstu
From: Glasgow United Kingdom

Photos: 34
Member: szajper4
From: Kęty Poland

Photos: 9
Member: marcinketrzyn
From: Poland

Photos: 9
Member: diesel78
From: Ottawa Canada
Info: 'MY FIRST JAPANIESE' ____ Moj pierwszy "japończyk". Stary i nieco zużyty, wymagał lakierowania, ale był... Prawdziwy, czterosuwowy motocykl, którym mogłem się ju&...
Photos: 5
Member: kapral
From: United Kingdom
Info: Year of construction : 1983 , 45PS ,complete reconstruction 2004, More ? http://pilling-sonneberg.de
Photos: 5
Member: blackbikexs
From: Germany

Photos: 5
Member: emilyamahaxs400dohc
From: Poznań Poland

Photos: 1
Member: jackx
From: Germany
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