1980 Yamaha XS 850

Photos: 2
Member: stepago
From: Liverpool United Kingdom

Photos: 8
Member: sigsauer82
From: Plainfield United States

Photos: 5
Member: nunyabiz777
From: United States

Photos: 10
Member: classicdrag
From: The Old Pueblo United States

Photos: 24
Member: yamaha850
From: Quintana Roo. Mexico
Info: I bought it at a scrapyard in order to practice mecanic. It's one of the 150 units sold in France.
Photos: 8
Member: darkaeons
From: St Etienne France

Photos: 5
Member: nosirrah850
From: Hayward United States
Info: I bought it for $450 and put a lot of clean up, repair work, and paint in to her. She is on the juice and a very fast bike.  It's a lot of fun to ride and has bigger carb's than stock , has been jette...
Photos: 11
Member: aculver
From: west winfield United States

Photos: 3
Member: toddhalt
From: United States

Photos: 9
Member: dukes
From: United States
Info: This is after Phase 2 complete, about 3 months of elbow grease and swaping things out, and about $1500. Mostly working 2 full-time jobs. Mine and the bike.
 Changed engine covers (actually it's a dif...
Photos: 10
Member: genrl
From: Wichita United States

Photos: 9
Member: mikey6sik6
From: San Marcos United States

Photos: 1
Member: 80850
From: CLINTON United States

Photos: 3
Member: dgoodson58
From: Prattville United States

Photos: 4
Member: o2bcruzin
From: United States
Info: 1980 Yamaha XS 850SG
I bought this one as a parts bike after laying down the other one. Figured itd be cheaper to get the few parts i needed off of it and then part it out or resell it. Plus, i thou...
Photos: 2
Member: fixedschwinn
From: minneapolis United States

Photos: 3
Member: ayev8r
From: Perry United States
Info: and the sound is so COOOL!

Photos: 9
Member: pieterklaas
From: nijmegen Netherlands
Info: My LA workhorse. I did it up real nice for the kids on halloween. It also liked to set off all the car alarms on the block whenever I rolled the throttle back.
Photos: 5
Member: ianwarsenault
From: Chicago United States
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