1979 Yamaha YZ 125

Photos: 8
Member: bichoraro58
From: monterrey Mexico

Photos: 1
Member: mongo1963
From: United States

Photos: 1
Member: beezachief
From: Pembroke United States

Photos: 3
Member: mxmurph
From: Leicester United Kingdom

Photos: 4
Member: rayzermx
From: Gothenburg Sweden

Photos: 34
Member: riderdu45
From: Orléans France

Photos: 2
Member: redg
From: epiphanie Canada

Photos: 5
Member: schlodes
From: Canada

Photos: 8
Member: provoira
From: Pacifica United States
Info: got this bike off my cousin for free, rebuilt motor top to bottom, rode for 2 years, than fucked up the motor so sold it for $50
Photos: 3
Member: redneckmikey69
From: Canada

Photos: 3
Member: vandy010
From: Australia

Photos: 4
Member: papamac
From: Black Diamond United States

Photos: 1
Member: jcfreak
From: Gensan Philippines

Photos: 1
Member: crfmad
From: london United Kingdom

Photos: 2
Member: zilowski
From: Lisbon Portugal
Info: Jest to yamaha YZ 125 z silnikiem od WSK´i w³a¶cicielem jest Tochu.
Photos: 15
Member: gibcio123
From: Grudzi±dz Poland

Photos: 1
Member: joelyamaha
From: Jonquiere Canada
Info: I loved this bike!  I was (and still am) a huge fan of Bob "Hurricane" Hannah, Broc Glover, Rick Burgett, and Mike Bell.
Photos: 7
Member: chaazums
From: Bay City United States
Info: Kupiona za 100zł, pomalowana i zrobiona z enduro na cross. Poszła za 2 czeskie ogarki, miał ją wtedy Modociany, potem szpak (zmiana ramy na zwykłą od wsk), potem Plemnik ...
Photos: 39
Member: tochu
From: Warlubie Poland

Photos: 4
Member: rmreid
From: Maroa United States
Info: 1979 IT 175 with all 79´ YZ 125 parts. Goes like hell. nice bike to ride , lacks in suspension good powerband.
Photos: 4
Member: mxrider01
From: Canada
Info: Voici les photos de mon yz125 1979 totalement remonté en neuf.Quand je l´ai acheté dans les alentour du mois d´octobre 2003.. elle était tres sale et en mauvaise état. Je l´ai démonté en piece durant ...
Photos: 24
Member: yzone
From: Larouche Canada

Photos: 1
Member: colossal
From: Australia
Info: tear it down ,and built it up from ground.
Photos: 13
Member: rikki
From: Iceland
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