1990 Yamaha YZ 250

Photos: 2
Member: ronwhite
From: YUKON United States

Photos: 5
Member: rida4life
From: T-R Canada
Info: This was my favorite bike :D On this bike I've got my second crash (and hopely the last one). This time I broke my left arm. Happily only this because I bang with 80 km/h into a tree. The bike was &qu...
Photos: 68
Member: andy2208
From: Poland

Photos: 5
Member: yz250sm
From: Australia

Photos: 1
Member: jameskawasaki
From: ashburton New Zealand

Photos: 1
Member: ricardomora
From: San Jose Costa Rica

Photos: 2
Member: mickeyl
From: Kelowna Canada

Photos: 2
Member: riderxxx01
From: Fresno United States

Photos: 3
Member: robjones
From: Devonport Australia

Photos: 1
Member: gpz900rdude
From: bunbury Australia

Photos: 2
Member: wilq88
From: Rzeszów Poland

Photos: 2
Member: hullujenkunkku
From: Varkaus Finland

Photos: 2
Member: joseoliveira
From: Portugal
Info: I bought this bike two years ago in a quite bad condition. Here are a few photos before the "reconstruction"
Photos: 3
Member: ufon
From: Zlaté Moravce Slovakia

Photos: 3
Member: alexchurchill
From: Yarmouth County Canada
Info: This is my baby, it´s a YZ 250 WR 1990, got the engine of the yz and the transmission of the WR which means that the first and the fifth gear are different from the yz. Great bike !
Photos: 7
Member: ethanurth
From: Canada

Photos: 8
Member: badtype
From: Halifax Canada
Info: I moved from a CR80 to a YZ250 (big change) and ever since i have never wanted to go back. This bike helped to get me as good as I am now. It does not have the greatest brakes or suspension but its en...
Photos: 3
Member: dphillip
From: beauvallon Canada

Photos: 1
Member: jamezi
From: Turenki Finland
Info: Sold
Photos: 2
Member: hepcat
From: Sweden

Photos: 2
Member: africawima
From: South Africa

Photos: 3
Member: 90yz250wr
From: colorado United States
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