jon9999's 1991 Honda CR 250

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Information: This bike, a little different to the old twin shock RM 100 has made me realise the difference between the old and new(ish). With plently of poke this thing has more than proved itself. It has been a big step up from riding the Suzuki and being only 16 has been hard to get used to. However, as time has progressed I feel that bike is very suitable for me. Some of the photos you see above are from a small jump and one where the shocks are being given a test. May look strange but is worth knowing how much work that suspension really does do. Being only 16 I couldnt afford this bike for myself and therefore me and my two brothers shared the price, which makes is slightly easier to part with the money. I would recomended this bike to anyone espicially to someone who is looking for a bit of fun on or off a track and it is more than capable of the demands of motocross.

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