pedalt's 1982 Suzuki GS 450
Info: This is the bike before we got started.
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Info: This is after the seat, rear fender & blinkers were removed.
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Info: After electronics and battery was removed.
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Info: Shocks removed, upper frames braces cut off & rear wheel lifted with jack to desired ride height.  We used a straight peice of steel to ensure that the frame would have plenty of clearance after modif...
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Info: Upper section of the frame cut off.  Next picture shows close up.
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Info: Top section of the frame removed.  Be careful if you are following along, you will need these removed peices later.
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Info: Piece of the frame that was removed, modified and reinstalled.  We used the lower shock mount on the swingarm to brace the new piece.
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Info: Closeup of new installation.
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Info: Remainder of rear section of the frame modified and installed.
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Info: Closeup of the installation of the rear section of the frame.
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Info: Remainder of electronics removed.  Wire harness, handlebars, headlights - gone!
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Info: Closeup of upper frame before we started cutting.  The coil mounting brackets were saved for relocation later.
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Info: Upper section of frame modified to allow for the 72 Harley Sportster bobber tank.  Original frame consisted of 3 tubes, the backbone and the side supports.  Since the Harley tank on has a tunnel for o...
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Info: Closeup of the upper section of the frame after modification.
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Info: Nuts welded to the upper, front section of the frame.  Previous seat bracket modified, and plate welded to bottom of the back of the Sportster tank.  Pitcock relocated to opposite site, close to the b...
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Information: Since this bike is 25 years old, it is going to take a lot of work to get it back in business. Stay tuned, it will be completed very soon.

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