tomcat1's 1985 Honda CR 250
Info: this is a 1985 honda cr250r with a 1987 honda cr250 hpp top end and a 1990 honda fmf pipe you can also see the 1990 kick lever and 1988 cr plastic and seat
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Info: this photo shows that this is truly a 1985 honda cr 250
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Info: this photo shows the 1987 honda hpp top end and how good it fits on the 1985 cr bottom end. honda said it would not work well her it is and it works excellent. it has alot of power and i see why they ...
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Info: this picture shows the 1990 kick lever which bolted right on. also the 1988 -1990 pipe was a good fit and if you look close enough you can see the 1987 rear shock.
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Info: this pic shows where i had to modify the sub frame to get the seat and side panels to fit right. also shows 1987 rear shock. i have set of inverted forks off a 1990 honda cr 250 this will be my next m...
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Info: this is up-dated photo of bike with 1992 honda cr 250 inverted forks. I had to have stem milled down to fit 1985 honda bearing.
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Info: Not done yet still need front axel to finish mod off axel should be in soon . Than i will disassemble bike and paint . I might put the rear disc brake system from the 1987 cr 250 on not sure yet.
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Info: will add rear disc brake from 87 cr 250 . only problem i can tell will be mounting the foot lever, but well see. than ill finish off with fresh paint. oh yeah i forgot to mention no welding on disc br...
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Info: updated photo of bike with fork leg turned the right way.
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Info: updated picture of 1985 honda cr 250 rear disc brake converstion. 1985 honda cr 250 with 1987 honda cr 250 swingarm. 1996 honda xr 400 pivot plate. 1987 honda cr 250  brake system. the swingarm is an ...
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Info: picture of disc brake converstion . this is just a mock up will weld brake  pivot and master clyinder brackets once i get rear wheel. a lot of work.
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Info: updated photo of bike with chain and rear axle. chain is from 2009 honda cr 450 i used it because stock chain was too short for conversion 450 chain was just right. i also need to order rear wheel spa...
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Info: updated photo i still need welding done. i did get metal for brake pivot and master cylinder almost done.
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Info: this is updated picture of brake pivot and master cylinder bracket. both these parts will be welded to frame. this will finish rear disc brake conversion.
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Info: finally rear disc brake conversion done. placement is a little off, but over all not too bad. now that its done its really not that hard to do.some things were just bolt on like the swing-arm. but i h...
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Info: updated photo of bike with everything hooked up and tested, all good. now i will disassemble and paint frame and engine , get dents out of pipe and replate. than install all new plastic.
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Information: i really love this bike but at this time i need to sell. bike runs really strong but needs clutch cable and water pump seal. if interesested e-mail me at thks tom

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