tomswift's 1969 Honda CB 125

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Information: This is actually a SS125A but BikePics does not recognize the SS125A/CL125A as a separate model so I listed it as a CB to get the pics on the board. This ´69 model is my second restoration of a SS125A, this one is very close to original condition. The major difference is the pipes... the ones on the bike are aftermarket, the original are nearly unobtainium. Note that this bike has no starter or a sidestand - these items were likely eliminated so Honda could sell this small twin at a price to compete with the other new competition in the USA like Yamaha and Suzuki. Turn signals and mirrors were optional as well, included on this restoration. This bike was quite common in the late ´60s and early ´70s, but has nearly disappeared lately. Parts are becoming extremely difficult to find. I suspect it has to do with the short production run, the expense of keeping inventory for so many models, and the fact that this bike was a trainer for so many young people - they just used up the spares while learning to ride. There is now a Yahoo group devoted to this and the sister scrambler model, the CL125A. Thanks for looking!

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