twowheelkaos's 1993 Honda CBR 600
Info: Me doin a burnout at Da'Bike show @ Roy's Repair in Minneapolis
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Info: Me doin a burnout while sittin on the tank at Da bike show. You cant really see what I'm doin but you can see the crowd that the show gathers.
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Info: If you look close you CAN see me.
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Info: I must say this tire really lasted a very long time.
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Info: Tank wheelie at Da bike show @ Roy's Repair in Minneapolis
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Info: half shot......OR.....half good?? notice the antifreeze I reefed on it so long i blew a hose fixed it and finished the tire off.
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Info: walk it back!!
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Info: this tire is spent now!!!
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Info: Put together just for makin trouble. he he he.
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Info: Out for a sunday ride.@ DA'bike show @ Roy's Repair in Minneapolis. WOOHOO!!!
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Info: is up and runnin. check it out for some cool pictures of the UnsaneGirlz and some unsane trickz
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Information: This f2 has some f3 parts on it.I put dirtbike bars on it and a enduro plate.I have set this bike up for stunts and messing around.The motor is pretty much stock but I have made some carb mods and it has a two bros pipe.

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