voldemort's 2013 Ducati Streetfigther 848
Info: Action pics will come later
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Info: Traction Control Off. It was the last time you looked at the screen. Go, ride!
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Information: This motorcycle is in fact a dangerous psychotropic drug, which will invariably have two powerful and long lasting effects on you. a) You will be DELIRIOUSLY happy for the rest of your days!!! b) You will turn into a despised antisocial element, and in due time you will be cast away from society, as a menace to all. What a machine! WHAT A MOTORCYCLE. F@*k me, I''ve forgotten what it means to ride a bike that''s been built with no regard to logic / sanity / rational beliefs, but PURELY OUT OF PASSION! A real rider''s bike, one of the few left, in this wretched time of crisis, where all it matter is low fuel consumption. Trust me, the fighter 848 will rock your world. Of course, it costs an arm and a leg, but boy, is it worth every cent!!! I will soon post riding pics, but in the meantime, I''ve been taking my camera and tripod and riding around, photographing it and taking its incredible aesthetics in.

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