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1997 Aprilia RS 250 motorcycle photo

This is an original strike and colour set (picture) for 1997 machine that came to Malaysia. The previous version is with the Chesterfield sticker. My bike was rapidly damage in track and road. Since 2006 i have change the colour set to `the beast' (Fade Black). This bike is really a powerfull 2 stroke machine. Use a power jet mikuni carburetor, radical caliper valve, can make 1 st - 3 rd gear easyly willy. The downforce of the exhaust pipe and the dinamic power arm making the corner is like the video game. Traffic jam is not a problem. With the lower handle bar, it much easy to go through the middle of the jammed car than a other kapchai motor. Meanwhile.. it is the aprilia..the italian maker bike...lot of world champian start their career with this rgv250 machine..(same engine with suzuki) but with italian tweak. Valentino Rossi, Micheal Doohan, and lot of power riders use this bike to conquer the motogp 250 series before they move to motogp 800cc (previously is 1000cc). Even in Malaysia, we have an Aprilia Cup for 250, 125 and 1000 cc race event..If u join the aprilia's member, u will get a lot of mechandise with a low price, and a track day (Sepang Circuit) competition event discount. MOTOMILIA is an authorised local dealer for APRILIA Bike. Feel glad to ask if you got any question for this bike..;) ok...ride rough out..