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1989 Suzuki gsxr400rSP motorcycle photo

24/09/08 - AND THE WINNER IS ! ... ME ahahahahha :) I'd like to say it was close, but really, it wasn't, the battle started as soon as we pulled onto the long road, 1st gear short shift into 2nd, limiter, 3rd gear limiter, then hard on the brakes as we got caught in traffic, T then makes a nice slingshot move on my outside, impressive but I was hardly gonna have that was I, down 2 gears, head down behind the screen, in his slipstream and past I goes as we head towards the long bypass. As soon as we enter the bypass hard on the gas again, limiter through the gears until 4th, steady throttle now on the steep banked right hander, see the apex, slip it into 5th back behind the screen, revs buried well into the redline speedo off the clock by a good margain, check me mirrors to see where the ZZ-R was, what ZZ-R ? LOL as we negotiate the return run, 1st gear start T right behind me, I bolts, same as before head down using all the revs, speedo goes wayyyy off the clock, wooosssh no ZZ-R in sight, well, a small dot in me mirrors :D Good race G but we do want results ere, not excuses :) In all fairness the ZZ-R should beat the 400RR so once you get confidence in ya new bike on ya new tyres we'll have another crack at this again, but for now I will bask in all my glory :D BOW TO ME ! EMBRACE ME AS YOUR KING AND AS YOUR GOD ! lol ..