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1989 SUZUKI GSXR400RSP | Picture 1437607 motorcycle photo

Mon 25th Aug 2008 August Bank Holiday. I had arranged a R1 meet to ride from Nottingham to Skegness with some members off my forum. Started off I got to petrol station and broke down, and its 100meters away from my house LOL I'd ran outta fuel, lucky to get to the station really. Filed her up, £13.06 went to CMC Nottm to meet JP and Magnet. We all set off to meet 04R1 somewhere on way to skeg and we picked up macbruce on the way too. Once we picked up Pete we set off again, I was on the 400, 2nd in command, swarming all over the leader like a rash, lookin for a gap and hit the warp drive button, ohhh the 400 did me proud today to say its only a ickle bike I kept up with the litre leviathians. Stopped off again to join the rest of the gang, met Laura, laura's mate, Karl, Turtle and his lady, then we set off again. Arrived at skeg, walked to the pub, lager shandy and a chat then we walked back to the carpark. Took a group photo of the bikes, Karl did a little burnout before he left, then I did one before I left LOL, not a good idea on a clutch thats new and a tyre thats been plugged. All in all MEGA impressed with the speed and corning agility of the 400RR, I managed to leave 2 other R1 riders in my wake, the bike really is all that and then some. Matt .. super-fast 400 rider and road racer :)