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1986 Yamaha TTR 225 motorcycle photo

This is a first year model of the 225 class TT/ is similar to the newer TTr , but it is actually closer to the xt 225 serow which started production in 1985(Japan) and 1992(US), the frame is almost exact. Frame differences include tank mounts, rear grab bar,rear buddy pegs, and side cover mounts.The airbox the Serow uses is acually the same as this model,but the cleaner cover has 3 factory airholes and no battery box. other differences include lower gearing ,kickstarter, magnesium rear brake hub, plastics, and 6v system, all will fit the serow if you can find em. This version was made for (US) only 2 years 86, and 87. This is a pic before restoration, I will get up newer pics soon