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1968 Honda CB 160 motorcycle photo

This is a CL160D, not CB160 but the CL160 wasn't an available category at this site. Acquired 02-22-09. The "D" model was a CB160 left over from the last year of production. The scrambler "look" was the rage at the time, so in an effort to move the last remaining CB models, they loaded them with Scrambler tanks, and pipes and designated them as "D" models. Beginning in late 66 Honda offered a Scrambler kit for the CB models consisting of CL tank in candy blue, burnt orange, and silver, a set of Scrambler pipes as well as the braced Scrambler bars. There were lots of CB's running around with the retro Honda Scrambler kit back then, and Honda used the leftover Scrambler parts to doll up the remaining CB160s just as the CL/CB175's were released in 68. Most people opted for the CL175 as it was bigger, had a five speed, and cost just a few dollars more.