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1983 KAWASAKI LTD 1100 | Picture 1621445 motorcycle photo

This old bike cruises great, it destroys rear tires and sounds like a giant mad hornet. March 2009 and she is ready! I found it in New Jersey, sitting for 25 years with 3900 miles . I took it apart cleaned, Polished, replaced all gaskets and seals and reassembled with bigger jets, 1995 concours oil cooler with GPZ splitter, horn relocate and old stock Kerker. This bike is a personal thing for me since purchased one of these in 1982. I sold it (1987) when my son was in the oven. She's back..... I often get from my riding buddy's "why dont you just get a Harley" ???? Last summer one of my buds made a mistake and said to me: "Dude I've got 117 inches of Screamin Eagle, whats that 1100 cc and then laughs, you might beat me off the line, but you will never catch me! I said nothing.... then when we were down the road a peice he came up along side me and gave me a nod.... I had to asked myself Why? but OK!.... They really don't say much any more.