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1981 Suzuki GSX 1100 Katana motorcycle photo

When I was younger, 17 in fact, I took my gf up to Cape Tribulation, Queensland, one of Australia's worst road, no bridges back then, just convex clay roads, the good old river crossings, watching out for the crocs! That would have been in 1988, the bike was solid, other than fracturing the frame where one of the shock absorber struts bolts onto the frame which was repaired by a very good local welder as good as new and that happened as i rode into a hellsized pothole about 30kms from home on the way back. I eventually rode the bike down from Townsville to Adelaide in around 30 glorious fun filled hours where i was followed from the start of the city limits to the end of the city limits by police in Orange Nsw, Over took a convoy of trucks all sitting at 170kms perhour, about 7 off them, at once at over 200kms per hour, like i said the bike is gold and the memories gathered by this beast dont carry no moss!