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1998 Yamaha YZ 125 motorcycle photo

okay this is a 1998 that I've had since 1998, it's got Pro Taper Handlebars, Applied Works Triple Clamp, Factory Connection Suspension set up for my weight, Honda Levers, I replaced the Front number plate and Front Fender with ones off of a 2001 Yamaha YZ125, Twin Air 2-Stage Air Filter, Dunlop Tires, Excel Rims, Wiseco Ultralight Piston, Pro Circuit Head Work, Works Connection Frame Guards, Works Connection Aluminum Radiator Guards, the 1998 Yamaha Factory Bike Graphics so I would be like Kevin Windham back in 1998 & I have a 1998 Fox Yamaha Jersey that's Signed by Kevin Windham, Doug Henry & John Dowd (the Yamaha Factory Team back in 1998...Kevin Windham was on a YZ125 & a YZ250, John Dowd was also on a YZ125 & a YZ250, and Doug Henry was on the White & Red Prototype YZ400F in those days...) & I have another Blue Fox Yamaha HC Jersey that isn't Signed that I used to Ride & Race with, the Blue 1998 Fox 360 Pants, I have Alpinestars Boots, I was 12 Years Old when I decided to move up to 125B full time for the 1998 season thinking to myself "how much faster than my YZ80 could it possibly be?!?" & the first time I ever road the bike, I took one 3 laps around the practice track & my father was standing there talking to my mechanic & I pulled in by the box truck & I looked at my father & said "What did I get myself into?!?" & my dad goes "uuuuh, 125B. I think when I was racing they called it 125cc Intermediate Class" & so my dad was like whatever, let me see what kinda power this thing's packing, & he road it down the street in front of my house which is Low-Traffic, Long/Straight/Flat... & he Started from a Dead Stop about 2 & a Half miles before where my front yard is, then my family owns the land all along-side that much of the road...& he just was going Full-Throttle & it was like Every Time he let the clutch out after shifting a gear, it would be right to the top of the gear for all 6 gears & he did that once, he road back to where I was standing & he said to me "THIS THING'S UNBELIEVABLE!! IT'S NOTHING BUT POWER!!"