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2010 Yamaha Mio motorcycle photo

For Sale: Plugnplay GOSH LED CONVERSION KITS for any Motorcycle - JUST PLUG-IN. NO REWIRING, NO DRILLING and NO MECHANICAL MODIFICATION REQUIRED. - Your signal lights light up with the park light and everytime you brake - Signalling still works - Compatible with most motorcycles like Yamaha Mio, Wave, XRM, Raider, Fury. - "EXTENDED" tail-light effect. - Simple but effective concept allows you to be seen more by other drivers. MAXIMUM EFFECT at daytime and night-time driving. More lights on means being seen more. On the road, BEING SEEN more means being SAFER - Also, the POGI POINTS you get - 100% LEGAL. No worries of being apprehended by traffic enforcers - 100% developed, manufactured and tested by the Johan_Project research team. We also sell LED lights (double-contact and peanut type), HID headlights, alarms and horns. We also offer solutions to common electrical problems like premature battery burnout due to overcharging caused by aftermarket fast-charging rectifiers. My solution is the SMART RECTIFIER. Contact Details: PM me or Email: [email protected] Globe Mobile: 63-917-3613693 SUN Mobile: 63-923-8428737