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1984 Yamaha IT 200 motorcycle photo

great for thinning the weeds in the forest. the thorn trees peeled off my fork skins and my skin. i dont baby this bike.i use all the power all the time. this winter i plan to restore it . i orderd 3 boxes of parts and fluids for the winter and they are here. this bike looks well worn but has new bore piston rings gaskets reeds bearings in wheels and engine. brakes are new . it eats 93 octane with 10 points of booster and bean oil .br9eix plug new coil etc. it revs like a 125 and pulls like a 250. it rides like a cadillac . i dont jump this very high . the rm in the trailer is for that . this it200 is very good for ripping up mud holes and hills with logs. update oct. 28 11 engine cases on the way and crank. it will hopefully fire by april.