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2007 Honda CRF 250 motorcycle photo

This bike was my second 250F. Orignally bought by a mate 6 months previous and riding in Holland, Belgium and France for a week with the boys, the odd practice track and that was it. I bought it for a pretty penny and race prepped it, suspension and all. Me and a mate teamed up and we built our bikes as AMA team Honda replicas with him on a 450F and me on the 250F. The 2008 season was off to yet another very wet one. Spirits were already down due to a previously wetish year. We managed 2 half meetings due to cancellation from bad weather on 1 completely cancelled. After stretching my left ACL in the Weymouth beachcross on a Whoop, having a headinjury at xmas and moving out all these factors added together lead to me giving up the sport I so dearly love. But that wasn't the end of it. I went out with a bang. See Honda 450F