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1999 Suzuki TL1000r motorcycle photo

I have owned 3 bikes this was my second one. I moved up from a Honda CBR600. This was the ultimate chick magnet for some reason, that color scheme really drew attention. Besides the looks, the TL was a really fun bike. Crazy torqe especially coming out of turns. For a supersport the bike was extremely comfortable even with an occasional passenger. Although it looks light with all the plastic this bike was by far the heaviest and with the head of that 90 degree V twin sitting right below my nuts you don't want to be sitting in traffic with this thing. Moving from an inline 4 to a V twin was interesting. The power seemed a little raw but to me, that's what made the bike so fun. Power wheelies are easy with this thing. I would occasionally swap bikes with a good friend of mine's Kaw ZX7R and I had to tell him stop doing so many wheelies. He would just get wheelie happy on the thing. I would say the best sounding pipes for this bike is Yoshimura it give this bike a real unique "helicopter" like sound. A big difference from the stock "sewing machine" sound. My TL unfortunately got stolen and Suzuki announced that 2002 would be the last year for the Tiller R. Although Suzuki kept the TL1000S in their line up I just wasn't a fan of the styling like the old TL1000R. Good bike to ride. I guess that's why it still has a cult following. Goodbye ole friend.