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1989 Honda CR 250 motorcycle photo

Luca's little 85 QR50 and my 89 CR250, THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED;-)))))) The cr250 had had a recent strip and paint / rebuild and it looked pretty good but being a big bit picky i decided to do it properly so a week after this pic was taken i stripped the cr250 for a refurb! So far I have spent 30 hours mirror polishing the swingarm alone ( now replaced )to match the shock bottle and brake lever also replaced with NOS part, and bought all new decals and lots of new engine parts and service parts from the states. The frame and subframe are going back to original fighting red so watch this space as i should be putting it back together in the next two weeks. HAHAHA i was a wee bit hopeful back when i wrote this! 7 months and a shit load of cash later and i've binned about 80 percent of the bike for new bits so roll on Doune motocross track for testing in a couple of weeks :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Further to the HAHAHA 7 months etc later I feel a further haha is needed as I'm now on month 17 and £5000 MIA I'm now day by day putting together a truly amazing CR250RK and to be honest it would not have been possible without the help of a lot of different people!!!!!! BIG RESPECT AND LOVE PEACE AND HAPPPPPPY RIDING TO YOU ALL!!!!! Yet to get to Doune with the bike but it's pretty close