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1989 Honda CR 250 motorcycle photo

Bosching the shitty white paint off my replacement subframe which also ended up being replaced with an absolute gem of a perfect subframe from Mark Grant from NORCALMOTOSPEED in yes you guessed it Northern California! By this point 11th December 2013 my bike as it stands probably has 150000 air miles due to parts being sourced world wide, 2500 - 3000 hours spent tracking parts and doipng everything else involved in building this bike and being absolutely honest it would take a mad man to try and achieve such an in depth rebuild of a cr250RK at today's prices never mind two Yeats ago prices with free labour thrown in just as a technical excercise! Unless you are fully commited no matter what she says, ( careful now ) have very deep pockets, 30 hours per week spare time and no desire to make any profit seriously just don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise do it and do it well until you are really happy with it! :-)))))))))