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1982 Suzuki GS1100SZ motorcycle photo

GSX 1100SXZ The GSX1100SXZ, from 1981 and with wire wheels, more aggressive camshafts but with CV carburettors in Australia. New Zealand models were fitted with oval bore slide carbs. An extra air inlet hole adjacent to the standard one in the air box and large bore mufflers (same as fitted to the previous Castrol 6 Hour special the GSX100ET). This model was designed for production racing in a number of countries, including Australia and South Africa. Legend says there were 500 made,[clarification needed] though it may be up to 800.[citation needed] Chassis numbers began with GS110X-100388. The 1100s were raced with mixed success in Australia in 1981, but rule changes for the 1982 Castrol 6-Hour production race saw teams scrambling to find 1000cc versions. In New Zealand the wire wheeled bike was fielded to meet the then new Honda CB1100R in the production racing series. The wire wheels were preferred in 1981 because they were lighter than the then cast wheels with slightly wider rims, because the rear tyre width was limited by the rear brake caliper stay bar. There was also a better choice of tyres at the time for production racing, which included 19-inch front rims.