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2006 HUSQVARNA TE 610 | Picture 2356749 motorcycle photo

Recently bought an '05 TE-610 with the standard 21/18 and 'motard rims (currently fitted), I'm amazed how well it handles tight but flowing trails... even though I'm just 1.7m tall and relatively new to proper dirt bike-riding. Have used it with friends on a track building outing, they all were on lightweight 2-stroke Gas-Gas and KTM enduro bikes (my '02 200exc is been fixed so I had no choice but to ride the Husky on 17 inch rims since it sits lower). I could keep good pace thought flowing narrow trails in the forest as most corners had little berms which compensated for the lack of knobs on my Pilot Power 2CT... as long as I did not attempt the gnarly and extremely tight trails we build (these were full of slippery logs) the Husky handled superbly.