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1989 Honda CR 250 motorcycle photo

HONDA R134 Fighting red paint going on my frame courtesy of my BRUV PETER MEECHAN with the mix coming from Lothian Brakeways in Edinburgh! Big thanks to Alex for the mix! PERRRRFFFFECCCCTTTO On a historical note, at the bottom of the field outside the window behind the frame has a monument that was erected in 1905 marking the location of the farm house that the GREAT Scottish hero William Wallace was betrayed by English SCUM, captured and dragged south to be hung, drawn , quartered and sent in pieces to all 4 supposed ( captured) corners of the British isles!!! SOUNDS A BIT JIHADISH TO ME FOR FK SAKE!!!!!!!! Please Please vote "YES" for independence from the UK as we have had too many centuries of oppressive tyrranous abuse by successive English governments and quite frankly I'm fucking sick of it!!!!!!!! Maggie bastarding Thatcher who ruined my city when I was a child and her illegitimate bastard tory offspring are fucking my country big time and it just ain't getting any "better together" This betrayal by the English happened on the outskirts of Glasgow in 1307 near the town to be later called Robroyston. in the following years qanother Scottish hero Rob Roy kicked the ass of many English enforcers /invaders at the battle of Bannockburn Stirlingshire roughly 20 miles from where I grew up and now live with my Fantastic wife and kids! You too Cameron!! Obvs ;-) I have often wondered what the mighty Wallace might think of my bike ripping through his old hideouts back yard! Broadsword to the neck most likely ;-) There are a few pics of this very monument among my pics on page under the username XSPACE1.