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1989 Honda CR 250 motorcycle photo

1989 CR250RK top yoke / fork clamp nearing being good enough for a final polish and seal after around 2 dozen hours hand prepping with all grades of sanding sponges and wet and dry to remove cast lines and light dents and pitting in the alloy surface from 24 years of unadulterated motocross use and abuse! These were one of the items on the bike i wanted to put a personal touch on and not stay too true to what came out the factory way back when i was a jumped up 13 year old motocross fanatic following Richard Devine junior around Scotland and farther afield blitzing the competition and winning both Scottish and British junior and senior motocross trophies! My brother Peter who also loves with old Honda off road bikes has been a huge help in achieving a large portion of the hands on hours required to restore / refurbish this bike to the standard expected ( his hand in this pic:-)