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1989 Honda CR 250 motorcycle photo

NOW Being built! I've just had a look through the 10 pages of pics I've uploaded since I started collecting bits to rebuild this bike and all in all about 80% of the bike has been replaced in the pursuit of nos, new or mint parts, the main parts that remain from the bike on page 1 are as follows - Engine wise all that remains are the left crankcase and crank, Gearbox internals, Full top end due to excellent condition report from my mechanic Peter Robertson of Robertsons motorcycles, Pollockshaws Glasgow who rebuilt the engine with the Nos gasket kit and Nos crank bearings, New full engine seal kit and documented receipt! It wasn't cheap but Peter and Stuart are a well experienced pair in the old two stroke game so end results count for lots! Nearly new UFO plastic set :-( wish it was a nos kit but that's another £1000 and maybe two years so UFO it is Main frame- Now R134 Fighting red with replaced twice perfect subframe! Yokes remain but have had the cast lines removed and have been mirror polished to match the mirror replacement swing arm! Front master cylinder (Nos kit here) and Nice front wheel spindle, 4 X riser bolts, clutch perch, throttle casing, Rear master cylinder, Rear silencer ( repacked ) With new fittings and that's about it everything ground up has been replaced!!!'!! See very soon for full 1989 CR250R Nos and New rebuild kit! If there are any interested buyers out there who fancy building themselves a new 1989 CR250RK then please contact me at [email protected] with serious offers only! 89 fork internals and lower tubes with single sided clamp and threaded axle have been retained with 1 nos replacement fork cap and 1991 nice deeper gold upper alloy tubes replacing the shitty pale gold worn 89 tubes! It cost me a few quid to do it but the end result is more than worth it!