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1997 Kawasaki ZX-7R motorcycle photo

This is my ZX7RX - my project bike built in my garage over the winter of 2013/2014. It’s basically an 1997 Zx7R P2 chassis & wheels combined with 2007 ZX10R engine, full architecture & swing arm. It took a bit of head scratching and courage boosting until I chopped the first "old" engine mount off but the project soon took pace and - in fact - is still under development ;-). In the process bike lost considerable amount of weight - now showing 210kg fully fuelled (22L) with lot of further weight saving potential – there is not a single titanium bolt yet, foot pegs are standard and bodywork is original. Modifications done: 1) new engine mounts designed by me, made & welded professionally 2) ZX10R '07 engine, full architecture & swing arm mounted 3) frame& fairings sprayed by me, decals custom made by 4) rear wheel captive spacers developed by me to mate 7R wheel with 10R swing arm 5) carbon intake covers (not pictured) 6) dual headlight conversion (10R loom uses single headlight) 7) R&G swing arm bobbins 8) Yoshimura R22 stainless steel exhaust with custom made link pipe 9) fuel tank enlarged to 22L to accept 10R fuel pump The plan is to invest into full Ohlins stuff – front and rear, BST carbon wheels, Brembo brake setup and Bazzaz fuelling+quickshifter+traction module