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1984 Yamaha YZ 250 motorcycle photo

This is my 1984 Yamaha YZ 250. I bought the rolling Chasis off of ebay. It was missing the right side panel, handlebars, front # plate, chain. I Had at the time a 1982 YZ 250 parts motor, and found another 82 parts motor for sale by the same person selling the rolling frame, so i bought them both, then i again stumble on another parts motor for an 82. So i figure put all the motor parts together and put it in the frame. With the 3 motors i was able to get a near complete motor. With the purchase of brand new piston, i took everything apart and cleaned it out and checked all the specs. Reassembled it and put it in the frame, it fit perfect, and all the radiator hoses fit too. So now i needed a pipe. I found a 1985 YZ250 pipe for $25. And to my suprise fit on the bike. Then I got a brand new DID racing chain, 1982 YZ 250 right side panel, and the bike was complete. It runs great, and is fast. Picture doesnt do it much justice, very clean nice bike.