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1996 Honda CBR 600 motorcycle photo

My Honda CBR600F3 showing off the Tail Locker Tail trunk kit. It came with the short stalk Lockhart Phillips turn signals, but I replaced them with the bigger 99 CBRF4 turn signals. The trunk is really big, It can hold a medium water bottle and more.....Really one of the better investments I made for this bike. Many people have e-mailed me regarding the tail kit, so here are a few words on it: I wanted the clean look of the tail section, so I went with this kit as opposed to the other trunk kit for the CBR600 that lifts the seat. With that kit I still had to buy an additional fender (rear license plate plastics) eliminator kit from Targa or Lockhart-Phillips that cost about $100-$150. Also, the seat kit still does not allow much more storage. Just enough for a wallet, keys or papers. Something small and flat like the ones that come stock on the CBR900RR. The tail kit I have is really huge compared to that. As you can see in the picture, it can hold a small water bottle, or 20 ounce Pepsi and other things. It has really been worth it for me. The company that I got it from is called Tail Locker and are located in either North or South Carolina. Unfortunately, I don't have the information on them anymore. They did advertise in the back of Cycle World and Motorcyclist magazines. Very nice people and I received it in about a week after ordering. It did take me about 3 hours on a Saturday to put the thing on, but I didn't have much experience taking apart my bike. They did provide good instructions and all the necessary hardware you see in the picture.