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1995 Kawasaki KR 150 motorcycle photo

Turning me into quite the stroker fan - very fast. A lot of top end, as you go up through the revs, it just hits this sweet spot and launches. Feels like a huge tailwind sweeps you up. Loving it. Generally a lack of bottom end would bother me, but it works out pretty well for the traffic here. I am an expat living in Vietnam. The insane clog of motorbikes around Saigon is hell on fast bikes (you just can't reign them in), this bike is pretty good, since it isnt so fast off the mark, it is ok around town since I just keep it at low RPMs, and then has plenty of Go when I want it on the highway. Bought it from the police market for 3.8 million dong - about $250. Illegally imported from Cambodia and confiscated (and then resold with a note to show any police that may stop me and ask that basically says 'dont mess with him, he bought it from us'). A mess at that point, have spent about $700 on the restoration, and am pretty damn happy with the results.