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1997 Honda XR 200 motorcycle photo

( Sold many years ago, this was the original caption) Ok heres the deal on my bike. It started off as a standard XR 200. As we all know they are way too small, and the stock shocks blow. I made the bike slightly higher than the older xr250´s but half the weight and way more agile. First of all this bike is a 97 and we all know that after 1990, honda down sized the bikes for smaller riders. Same engine but stinky shocks. So I purchased a set of 1990 xr 200 prolink front forks that I had tuned at the local shop. They fit on without a big fight and have way more travel then the stock forks. They are very bottom resistant and added a few inches to the height. Now the back shock was way to small. All my parts were bought off ebay. I went through trial and error untill I found the right rear shock. I tried the following a 1985 xr200 shock, 1983 xr 350 shock, 1990 xr250 shock. The 350 shock was just a little bit to big and the 200 shock just blew chunks. The 250 shock had the same size inner core or stem as the 350 shock but a smaller spring. I managed to loosen the spring so that I could compress the shock the few cenimeters that I needed to fit it into the linkage. After that it was very simple. I also had the rear shock serviced. So now I can jump on the moto track and not even bottom out. I cut the top of my air box off and added a K&N filter and later adding a slip onand a 209cc bigbore kit. The bike would do wheelies into 3rd without popping the clutch. Also I rejeted my bike to run proper. I compared it with my friends 1990 xr250. My bike is faster off the line is more nimble on the track and eaiser to jump. I dont know why everyone dosn´t do this to their XR. The forks were 100 bucks and the final shock was 50. So for 150 bucks this is a do it yourself job. Feel free to email me with any questions on the bike. The final product is about the height of the 400 and 600xr´s!! Thanks guys!