1994 Suzuki GSX 600

Photos: 4
Member: djewy19
From: Poland

Photos: 4
Member: msaloney
From: Logan United States

Photos: 26
Member: mat92
From: Poland

Photos: 4
Member: sparci
From: Poland

Photos: 5
Member: qba405
From: Poland

Photos: 3
Member: jimpennjr
From: Ridgefield United States

Photos: 3
Member: moth1986
From: Oława Poland

Photos: 1
Member: robfu
From: Kielce Poland

Photos: 19
Member: maciekkkk15
From: Poland

Photos: 47
Member: tzumotto
From: campina Romania
Info: This was my 1994 Suzuki GSX 600 Katana. I bought this bike wrecked for $900. I fixed it up and painted it. When I was done I had arond $1200 in it. I rode it all summer and then turned around and sold...
Photos: 2
Member: hondaracer757
From: Versailles United States

Photos: 5
Member: wodzu86
From: Bydgoszcz Poland

Photos: 24
Member: acidus404
From: Świdnica Poland

Photos: 2
Member: zuk4life
From: smithville United States
Info: got this bike to use for parts for the other one i crashed got it as a done runner . when i got it home put new fule in it and plugs and it ran.. so i geting it back on the road...
it's had battry, p...
Photos: 11
Member: gizbit
From: rochdale United Kingdom

Photos: 9
Member: adrenalinez
From: United States

Photos: 2
Member: soufleouf
From: Brussels Belgium

Photos: 3
Member: slowrider
From: - Finland

Photos: 2
Member: born2die
From: cairo Egypt
Info: My Kat is a ton of fun!!  People talk so bad about them, but they are fairly quick, VERY comfortable, and extremely suprising in the handling!  You would be suprised who you can stuff in turns on a ka...
Photos: 11
Member: firefox11
From: Austin United States

Photos: 5
Member: scottdog129
From: Sparks United States

Photos: 1
Member: cosmicbandito
From: Phoenix United States

Photos: 1
Member: gs500lover
From: Manchester United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: komsalov
From: Sofia Bulgaria
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